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Breeding and Training High Quality Performance Donkeys

We strive to bring out the best conformation in every animal. From the head to the legs, and every place in-between, we pay attention to important details and provide proper training in our breeding program. Circle Z donkeys are wonderful high quality performance donkeys.

Our high quality performance donkeys
are the hallmark of Circle Z Ranch.

Breeding Program

Here at the Circle Z we have dedicated the last 13 years building a jenny herd that brings together both superb conformation and outstanding performance in each and every jenny. We currently have 5 jennies in our herd, with Desert Song being the sole producer to date.

Our philosophy with the remaining jennies is to show and establish good conformation and performance records on each jenny before breeding them. With this solid foundation, and selecting the best possible geldings to breed to each jenny, our program has the potential of providing some of the best donkey foals available.

Performance Training Program

Over the years that we have been training donkeys at the Circle Z, we have learned a lot of techniques that work, and just as many that do not work. Each donkey we train is an individual and comes with his/her own set of unique attitudes and skills. Our goal in our training program is to always set the bar higher with each donkey we train.

Youth Program

One of our continuing goals at the Circle Z is the promotion and encouragement of our youth riders. They are the future of our industry and are proving to be some of our best riders and exhibitors in the show ring.

Circle Z Donkeys has had the honor and opportunity to have five of the absolute best riders exhibit our donkeys in both youth and open classes. We want to thank Casey Jo Hinton, Madison Iager, Miranda Iager, Heather Heath and Hannah Heath for your dedication to donkeys and mules and for making our animals look GREAT. We hope to continue involving these youths and others as we grow our program.

Future Goals

Our future goal is to continue building and progressing forward in our training program. Ultimately we would like to have 1 or 2 green broke donkeys a year for sale. These donkeys will include not only our own offspring, but quality young geldings that we have purchased to include in our training program.